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Top Signs A College Prep School Is The Best Place For Your Teenager

by Kylian Fournier

High school is a very important time in a teen's life--it is a unique point in a person's life of incredible growth, and a person's high school experience can set the path that he or she may travel down as an adult. Many parents are on the fence about choosing a high school, especially if their assigned public high school is underperforming. For some families, paying tuition to attend a private college prep school may be the best choice. When a college prep school is a good fit for a teen, attending can set him or her up for a bright future. Continue reading to see if a college prep school may be a good option for your teenager:

Your Teen Plans to Attend College

While earning a college degree is a great accomplishment, going to college and earning a 4-year degree straight out of high school is not always the best option for a teen. Some people want to spend some time working after high school, some may want to attend community college, and others may opt to learn a trade. If you're going to invest in sending your child to a college prep school, it will most likely be a good fit if your teen is excited to go to university straight after high school to pursue a 4 year degree.

Your Child Can Handle an Academically Rigorous Course Load

At most college prep schools, there is a big emphasis on academic excellence and students are often expected to carry a rigorous course load. Since most students at a college prep school are working hard to earn scholarships or to be admitted to their preferred college, many students take honors or advanced placement classes throughout their years at a college prep school. If you want your teen to do well and enjoy his or her high school experience at a college prep school, make sure that he or she is academically motivated and eager to learn and excel.

Your Child Is Independent and Mature

One of the main goals of a college prep school is to prepare students for what they can expect when they attend college, gain independence, and have to make adult choices on their own. This means that teachers at a college prep school most likely will not chase down assignments or remind students to make up a test if they are absent. College prep students, especially those who are juniors or seniors, need to be mature and independent for the best experience at a college prep school.