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Four Benefits To A Private School Education

by Kylian Fournier

Of all the big decisions that you will make for your children, choosing whether to send your kids to a private school or public school can be one of the biggest and the most challenging to make. There are a number of factors to consider no matter which direction you go in, and though any child can succeed in either situation, there are certain advantages to having your child in a private school. Below are a few of the most important, but be sure to ask your local private school for more information if necessary.

Smaller Class Sizes

Since public schools are open to everybody, there is usually the temptation to put as many people as possible in each classroom in order to maximize the space. Unfortunately, what this also creates is a scenario where kids are sometimes overlooked or the teacher isn't able to spend as much time per topic as each student may need. Private school classrooms are smaller, allowing more one-on-one interaction between teachers and their students. 

Customized Curriculum

Public schools are mandated by the state, and while private schools have regulations of their own to attend to, there is much more leeway in determining what the specific curriculum of the school will be (such as religion). One private school, for example, may choose a curriculum that has more of a college prep focus. These schools allow students to focus on developing the skills they need for advanced education, while still retaining the traditional high school experience.

Higher Standards

In some cases, private schools can be more competitive to get into than Ivy League universities. Admission to certain private schools requires higher standards in conduct, education, dress code, and educational requirements — all of which can instill a value system in the mind of the student. This can create an environment where there is less distraction, less competition between peers, and more focus on the education that your child requires to succeed.

Better Grades

Though no school — public or private — can guarantee academic success for any student, statistics have shown that those students who graduate from a private school score higher on SAT and college admissions exams. Higher graduation rates are also more common, which can lead to admission to a better college and possibly even to getting a better job later on down the line. If you want to give your kid the best chance to succeed, a private school education may be just the thing that they need to get started.