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Why Send Your Kids To A Christian School If You Are Not Religious?

by Kylian Fournier

It makes sense that many practicing Christian parents want to send their children to a private, Christian school. They want their children to value spiritual learning as well as secular and be able to do both at once. However, if you're not particularly religious, especially if you're not even a Christian, are there still any benefits to sending your children to a Christian school? The answer is yes. So, if you don't like the public schools in your area or simply want a different experience for your child, you may still want to consider sending them to a Christian school, even if you don't consider yourself religious. Here's why:

Receive All the Benefits of Private School

Even if religion isn't your thing, the advantages of a private school likely interest you a lot. Students in private schools often have smaller class sizes, which helps your child get more individualized attention. They usually score higher, on average, than public school students in standardized tests. Since the curriculum of a private school is not determined by the government, the students can sometimes have a stronger focus on music or art, which rarely gets much attention, if any, in a public school. So, if your local public schools aren't going to give your child the education you want for them, you might consider a private, Christian school. 

Make Friends with Strong Morals

Most parents worry about the kinds of bad influences and examples their children are exposed to at school. Will they be asked to smoke? Do drugs? Participate in inappropriate activities? Obviously, these things can still happen at any school. However, when many of the families that send their children there are religious, they will be trying to bring up their children with a strong sense of morals. A Christian school will also be promoting honesty, kindness, and other good characteristics that the Bible teaches. While there is no guarantee, there is a better chance that your children will have friends that are good influences at a Christian school. 

Expose Your Child to New Perspectives

Even if religion isn't something that you desire in your home, or if your chosen religion is not Christianity, it's never a bad idea to let your children learn about other perspectives on life. Differences and diversity aren't widely appreciated as much as they could be, and you can be part of the solution. Your child doesn't have to be converted to Christianity to find value in the teachings and beliefs that will be a positive addition to their worldview. However, you will certainly want to do your research and talk with the school administrators to find out exactly what kind of religious doctrine they teach. It may be important to your decision to know if they adhere to the doctrine of strictly one Christian sect or more general Christian beliefs. 

If you're considering sending your child to a Christian school, even if you aren't particularly religious, reach out to some Christian schools near you and see if you find a good fit for your family.