The postive impact of christian based schools

4 Features For Young Men At All-Boys Private Schools

by Kylian Fournier

Private schools allow teachers to speak openly about religion, which many Catholic parents desire for their children. Private schools can also offer excellent, tailored educational programs. If you plan to send your son to a Catholic school, you may want to consider sending him to an all-boys school. Here are some of the features that young men can take advantage of at an all-boys private school:

1. No Sexual Temptation

Adolescents are notoriously prone to youthful indiscretions. Catholics believe that sex is a gift from God, which is meant to be enjoyed within a marital relationship. All-boys high schools can remove sexual temptation from boys' lives, allowing them to focus on friends, studying, and other age-appropriate activities. Young men will have the opportunity to thrive without sexual immorality, which is a rare gift in a secular world.

2. College Preparatory Classes

College is the next stop for many adolescent boys. College allows young men to experience greater freedom while furthering their knowledge. All-boys private high schools can help boys gain the skills and information they need to do well in higher education institutions. At an all-boys high school, young men will learn to write effective essays. They will gain public speaking skills, become proficient in math and technology, and learn the importance of promptness. Boys who attend private schools will experience challenging high school classes that can ensure that the difficulty of college courses does not come as a shock.

3. Physical Education

Boys are often rambunctious, especially in their teenage years. High energy levels can make it hard for young men to focus on their studies, leading to boys becoming disruptive in class. All-boys private schools understand that boys are often high-spirited. To that end, many private schools offer excellent physical education programs. P.E. classes can help students burn off excess energy and stay in shape. Supplementary physical activities, such as organized sports, can further train boys to use up their excess energy in appropriate places.

4. Boarding Opportunities

Not every private school offers boarding facilities, but some of them do. Boarding is a great opportunity for young men who live far away from their intended schools. Living in high school dormitories can allow boys to develop their independence at an early age. Young men will learn important life skills, such as doing their laundry, cooking, and keeping their living spaces neat. Attending a boarding school can also help young men make lifelong friends.

If you are considering sending your child to an all-boys private Catholic high school, reach out to those types of schools in the area.