The postive impact of christian based schools

What Can Your Child Gain By Attending A Private Christian School?

by Kylian Fournier

All parents want the best for their children, and that includes the best education. Many youths attend public school and do just fine, but perhaps you aren't happy with the public schools in your area or you're very religious and want spirituality to be a part of your child's education. Private Christian schools have a lot to offer. Here are just some of the benefits your child can gain by attending a private Christian school:

A Relationship With God

Public schools teach about religion, but it's just a general, unbiased overview. A private school will be able to help your child understand Christian doctrine, learn about Jesus as their Savior, and discuss Christian morals. Ideally, it will be a safe place for your child to ask any questions they have and learn from other teachers and students as they discuss faith together. That environment could help your child have desires to seek out a more personal relationship with God, which could potentially continue throughout their adult life and help them have the strength to overcome life's challenges. 

One-on-One Time With Teachers

Private schools obviously don't have to accept any student living within their boundaries; they can choose exactly how many students they want at a time. This means that class sizes are usually a lot smaller. Public schools sometimes have upwards of 35 students in one class, whereas some private schools have as little as 10-15 kids in a class. A smaller class means that the teacher has more time to devote to each individual student. They will better be able to understand how your child works and thinks, which will help them be able to explain concepts in a way your child understands. Your child will likely be more willing to participate and ask questions when they are comfortable with their teacher.

More Opportunities for Extracurriculars

If the public schools in your area are making a lot of tough decisions about their budget, extracurriculars (especially art and music programs) are many times the first things to go. Private schools have tuition that you pay, so they aren't as subject to the whims of the state government and taxes. Your child might have more opportunities for high-quality extracurriculars there. Also, if your area has public schools with a huge student body, that makes it less likely that your child would make a sports team or an honors band since there's more competition. Private schools don't have as many students, making it more likely that your child will be able to participate in any group they choose.

Your child can gain so much from attending a private Christian school! For more information, contact a private Christian school near you.